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A Life Without Cancer DVD

Cancer Prevention and Complementary Cancer Care. 

Cancer is one of the most avoidable diseases today, 90% being associated with life style and/or environmental issues. Daniel Weber PhD., MSc will look at how to live a life free of cancer as well as report on recent research on integrative approaches to cancer treatment. Integrative oncology is the use of proven herbs, compounds and/or supplements used along with orthodox cancer treatment.
Dr. Weber will show how integrative oncology is an evidence-based approach to the treatment of cancer, which looks at research to treat cancer as well as treat the side-effects of orthodox interventions such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is not an alternative but a complementary approach to ensure the patient receives the best treatment and fully supports orthodox interventions. Dr Weber says "oncology is entering into a new and more patient friendly era, where the best of complementary and orthodox medicine are integrated into a better treatment protocol".



Breast and Prostate Cancer DVD's

A two part DVD

An in-depth look at treatment of breast and prostate cancer as well as an understanding of how to reduce the inflammatory cytokines, which are involved in initiation, progression and metastasis in tumours.

IN THIS SEMINAR Daniel will offer extensive protocols for THE TREATMENT OF BREAST AND PROSTATE CANCER that take into account Western oncology procedures. Daniel will also address in detail how to support the patient in their radio or chemotherapies, and how to most effectively handle post-operative conditions.
This seminar will help you work with oncologists and patients to deliver fully referenced CAM medicines to enhance wellbeing and increase life expectancy.



Seven Phases of Cancer DVD

This seminar looks at THE SEVEN PHASES OF CANCER and focuses upon the physical, biochemical nature of the cellular change called cancer. Daniel Weber looks at the latest Western nutraceuticals and traditional Chinese herbs and formulations.



Psychophysical Part 1, 2 & 3 DVD's

A three part DVD

The seminar will look at those neurotransmitters produced by the enteric system and their affect on mood and thought and how the whole being from cells to thoughts, from behaviour to digestion and from feelings to physical function is a system. It will also bring into clarity the treatment of psychophysical diseases that are so common today. Treat the root and the plant will thrive.

Treatment protocols will involve whole body-mind systems and will help you, as practitioners treat the underlying pattern behind these failures to adapt.



Endocrine Disorders DVD's

A two part DVD

This DVD's will look at the dysregulation and diseases associated with anterior and posterior pituitary, pineal, thyroid and parathyroid, the adrenal medulla and cortex, the pancreas, gonads, and the thymus. Discussion of the disease and their causes as well as important botanicals, isolates and supplements in the treatment or endocrine diseases will provide participants with a level of competency in treatment. New current research will be provided to ensure accuracy in any treatment protocol.



The Ying Yang Nature of Immunity DVD's

A two part DVD

Immunity is a biological term that describes a state of having sufficient biological defences to avoid infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion. Innate acts either as barriers or as eliminators of wide range of pathogens irrespective of antigenic specificity. Adaptive immunity is often sub-divided into two major types depending on how the immunity was introduced (Ghaffar & Haqqi 2008). Naturally acquired immunity occurs through contact with disease causing agents, whereas artificially acquired immunity develops only through deliberate actions such as vaccination ( Janeway et al 2001)



The Enteric System DVD's

Enteric System 1
In Enteric System 1, Daniel Weber focuses on the anatomy of the gut, gut flora, the enteric endocrine system, the enteric immune system, the gut-joint axis, leaky gut syndrome, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), Crohn's disease, and colitis. 
Enteric System 2
In Enteric System 2, Daniel Weber takes a deeper look at the following: 
Developmental problems: Autism, ADD/ADHD, learning difficulties; Emotional/Nervous System Conditions; Skin Conditions; The Enteric Endocrine: weigh, Insulin / Leptin Resistance; Immune & Autoimmune Conditions; Allergies; and Tumours of the gut, pancreas, stomach and gall bladder.



Ageing Matters DVD

In this seminar Daniel Weber covers the very latest on what it means to age, and what we can do about it. Daniel will provide you with information on how to prescribe to your patients with references and protocols. He will look at all aspects of ageing including skin, the CNS, hormones, brain, heart, psyche and mitochondria.